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Humour Summer School 2007
7th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications

Travel to Aberdeen

There is an international airport on the outskirts of Aberdeen, with direct connections to various destinations within the UK and in several in Scandinavia, and also to Amsterdam, Paris and Malaga. Destinations further afield can be achieved by connections through London, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen. A number of low-cost airlines operate from Aberdeen.

To travel from Aberdeen Airport to the university, the simplest method is a taxi. There is a rank at the airport with official airport taxis, so you do not need to worry about unlicensed or dubious taxi operators. The fare is about 15, and the journey takes about 15 minutes (late at night or very early morning) or maybe 45 minutes (in the rush hour). Alternatively, there are buses by Stagecoach which will take you to the Aberdeen Bus Station (see the Local Info page for information about transport options from there).

Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow Airport (both about 4 hours away by road or rail) have further options.

There is a major rail link from the south (London, Edinburgh), which also connects north-west to Inverness. Travel time from Edinburgh is 2.5 hours, from London about 7 hours. Trains to Aberdeen run about once an hour from these locations. Tickets bought on the day of travel are often expensive, but advance booking allows good bargains to be found. The National Rail website gives more information.

There is a long-distance coach station in the centre of Aberdeen, and inexpensive coaches operate to other cities in Scotland and England.

The university's travel page gives more information.

See the Local Info page for transport within Aberdeen (including travel from the rail or bus station to the university).

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