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Humour Summer School 2007
7th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications

Local Information

Getting around Aberdeen

Local bus transport in Aberdeen is good, but not cheap. Participants at the summer school who wish to explore the city centre, or who choose a hotel some distance from the university, will find buses useful, but the participants will not need buses to move around the campus. At present, the fare from the university to the city centre is 1.30. Special day-tickets and week-tickets are available to everyone, but student discounts are available only to students of Aberdeen educational institutions.

Using the city buses (First Bus Company) to get from the train station/bus station to the campus is not simple for those unfamiliar with the city, so on first arrival it may be better to use a taxi (or a Stagecoach bus - see below).

There is a taxi rank at the train station/bus station. A taxi to the campus will cost about 5 pounds, to Hillhead Halls about 7 pounds.

The out-of-town buses (run by Stagecoach) all start/end their routes at the bus-station, which is adjacent to the train station. Hence, one cheap way to get from the train station to the campus (but not to the Hillhead Halls) is to catch a Stagecoach bus whose route goes up King Street towards Bridge of Don, getting off at the Regent Walk stop (see the university campus map). Suitable routes include 250, 260, 263, 267, 268; this should cost no more than 1.00.

(If you are really trying to get from the train station to Hillhead Halls on a low budget, take a Stagecoach bus to the part of King Street just north of St Machar Drive, location (1) on this map, and then a number 20 First bus heading out of town to the Hillhead terminus. This could be tiresome, but it is cheap.)

(See the Travel page for ways to travel to Aberdeen.)


Lunches can be purchased by individuals at facilities on or near the campus. There are a few snack bar/coffee shops on campus, some shops less than 5 minutes' walk away sell sandwiches and snacks, and a nearby pub sells pub meals.

The two main resources are the campus food court, based in The Hub, where a variety of types of food can be purchased, self-service, and the Eat at Johnson refectory, a standard university self-service canteen, located next to Johnston Hall.

Internet access

Participants will be given guest user accounts (with restricted facilities) on the local computer system, and there will be access to a room with PCs running web browsers.


It will be possible for participants to use the university library (the main branch, the Queen Mother Library, is adjacent to the Meston Building). Access will be limited to reading and reference: no use of computer networks or electronic databases will be permitted, and books cannot be borrowed. Participants who wish to get access should take proof of identity, including address, to the library front desk, where an access pass will be issued. Students should bring proof of their student status.

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