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Humour Summer School 2007
7th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications


University accommodation

The university accommodation is located on two different sites: about 1.5 Km from the School location, and very close to the School. Participants should deal directly with the university's accommodation services, not with the Summer School organisers.

The most convenient inexpensive residence is Crombie Johnston Hall. These are student rooms, around 25 to 35 per night, on campus, about 5 minutes walk from the lecture hall. This is booked by contacting the Hall Secretary directly; see the Crombie Johnston contact page. If you indicate that you are attending the "Humour Summer School", the administrators may be able to allocate a room near to other participants in the School.

King's Hall is a better grade of room, about 50 per night, adjacent to Crombie Johnston. To book a room here, use the phone or email contact details on the Visitor Accommodation page.

There are further student rooms at Hillhead Halls, a general student residence, again for about 25 to 30 per night, but this is about 15-20 minutes walk from the School location (with buses every half hour). Warning: the standard campus map shows a completely incorrect location for Hillhead Halls: it is not where the item (1) is displayed (although a number 20 bus can take you from that location to Hillhead Halls for 70 pence). Places at Hillhead Halls can be booked by calling (+44) 1224 274000 or by e-mailing Hillhead.halls@abdn.ac.uk. If you are booking at Hillhead Halls, indicate that you are attending the "Humour Summer School", as we have a provisional allocation of rooms for this event.

Hotels and guesthouses

There are many hotels and guesthouses around the city (see a sample list of guesthouses or consult a general guide at Visit Scotland). There are a small number of bed-and-breakfast guesthouses very near the university, on King Street (the campus is roughly alongside street numbers 500-600 on King Street).

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