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Programme of lectures

Lectures proposed by Willibald Ruch
  • Smiles: Typology, Structure and Dynamics
  • Laughter: Morphology and Physiology
  • Humour Appreciation and Personality
  • Measurement of Sense of Humour
  • The Fear of Being Laughed at: Gelotophobia
  • Laughter as a Pain Killer

Lectures proposed by Frances Binns
  • Is laughter the best medicine for children in hospital?
  • A case study of the provision in Manchester children hospitals

Workshop: Ed Dunkelblau and Patty Wooten
  • Applications of Humour in the American Health Care Setting
  • Applications of Humour in the Educational Setting
  • Applications of Humour in the Business/Corporate Setting
  • Creating a Humour Program for any Setting

Lectures proposed by Christian Hempelmann
  • Semantic Script Theory of Humour, General Theory of Verbal Humour
  • Interdisciplinary work: linguistics/psychology (GTVH/3WD)
  • Puns
  • Laughter in conversation: sociolinguistic dimensions

Lectures proposed by Birgit Hertzberg Kaare
  • Gender differences in the practice and enjoyment of humour
  • The impact of globalisation on the humour of modern society

Lectures proposed by Giselinde Kuipers
  • Form and function in humour theory
  • humor styles; social differences in sense of humor and how to study them

Lectures proposed by Paul McDonald
  • Stand-up comedy as poetry: the humour of Bill Hicks
  • Representation of religion in the work of Woody Allen and Philip Roth

Lectures proposed by Graeme Ritchie
  • Overview of humour research
  • Incongruity resolution

Lectures proposed by Jason Rutter
  • Laughter without jokes: conversational laughter and interaction
  • Managing laughter in stand-up comedy