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Outline of the school

Following on from the highly successful summer schools in 2001 and 2002 at Queen's University Belfast and 2003 in Edinburgh, this year’s International Summer School on Humour and Laughter (ISS04) will be held at the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, City Campus, at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom.

Speakers include:
Interest in both research on humour and practical applications of humour has increased sharply in the past decade. For new research students just beginning their research careers or those already-trained researchers considering a first research project on humour, this course will ensure that they enter the field with a strong foundation in existing theoretical and methodological issues, and are well versed in the pitfalls confronting the scientific study of humour. It will also provide additional information and material for those who are already well versed within the humour field.

For those interested in practical applications of humour in a variety of applied settings, the course will introduce them to the kinds of approaches that are being used around the world to put humour to work and to deliver the benefits of humour and laughter.

This year the Humour Summer School programme is in two parts. Part one covers the first two days of the programme where the fundamentals and general overview of Humour, Psychology and Linguistics are covered for those who have not attended a Summer School before. Part two which commences from day three takes the programme into the many different areas within the humour field. New comers to the Summer School will attend for all six days and those who have attended previous summer schools have the option of joining from day three.

The sessions will start from Monday morning and continue to Saturday afternoon inclusive, with one afternoon free for relaxation or an optional sight-seeing tour. The Symposium part of the summer school is where participants may present their planned or finished research or ideas on how to implement and use humour in applied settings, in any form they like. This will be held half way through the programme with the main sessions being presented by a number of lectures and guest speakers.