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Humour Summer School 2011
11th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications


The summer school will take place in the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu, Estonia .

About Tartu

Tartu is a beautiful town in South-Eastern Estonia with approximately 100 000 inhabitants, about fifth of whom are students. Tartu is a university-town and a city of youth. Ever since 1632, when Tartu University was built, most of the local life has been revolving around the university and its people.In the beginning of each school year, about 5000 new university students move to Tartu and bring along fresh ideas and energy.

From high ground, most of Tartu looks like a green forest. However, when you walk around, there is plenty of things to see. It is best to get aquainted to Tartu simply by walking around since most of the sights are close enough. The summerschool site is about 600 m walk from the city center. Town Hall Square can be regarded as the central point. Nearby you'll find many statues, old renovated buildings, restaurants and pubs.



Have a look at a video of Tartu!

Summer in Estonia is generally warm and sunny. The skies are usually blue and temperatures can reach 25° Celcius while summer average is a very pleasant 16.4°C. In August, the nights are still short, the 19 hours of daylight are known locally as the “white nights”.

In case you arrive in Estonia a bit earlier or leave later, the first recommendation would be to spend some time in the medieval Old Town of Tallinn, belonging to the UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 1997. (for general information, see Tallinn tourism page ).


Estonian Literary Museum

The Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu is situated in a historical building dating from the 18th century. It is located in the heart of Tartu, close to the town hall square, the river Emajõgi and the central restaurants and hotels.

The address is:

Estonian Literary Museum
Vanemuise 42
Tartu 51003
Tel. +372 7377 700
Fax +372 7377 706
E-Mail kirmus [at] kirmus.ee

See the Travel page for how to get to Tartu.

See the Local Info page for details of local information.

WebCam views of Tartu

Tartu weather

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