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Humour Summer School 2011
11th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications


Sponsored accommodation

The Pepleri hostel (*) offers special fares for the ISS delegates. All rooms in the hostel have wifi connection, TV and a bathroom. You can indicate your wish to be accommodated in the sponsored hostel on the registration form. With some few exceptions, the rooms in the hostel are doubles. If you need help with finding a roommate, tick the box in the registration form and we will be happy to help. The ISS 2011 delegates are recommended to use the following accommodation (for alternatives, see below):

Pepleri hostel (hostel (at) kyla.ee)

Single Twin
One person
25 EUR
25 EUR
Two persons
15 EUR

If you book too late, we cannot guarantee a room in your preferred discount hotels. Please make your reservation through registrating early for the summerschool.

Alternative accommodation

Personal arrangements can be made regarding accommodation in other hotels in Tartu.

Some of these include:

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