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3rd International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications
Registration and Payment

The deadline for applying for a place on the Summer School was June 9th. However, there are a few places still available, so anyone wishing to participate should send in an application as soon as possible. See below for the forms.

Once your application has been accepted, you should send in a payment form with a detailed statement of your accommodation needs and payment for both Summer School and accommodation. See below for the forms. Payment in full should be sent to arrive by July 14th, in order to obtain the lower rate for early bookings. Payments after this date should be at the higher rate for late bookings.

Cancellation of a Summer School place after payment will result in a refund of fee as follows:

  • before July 28th : full refund less administrative charge of £15.
  • between July 28th and September 1st : 50% refund.
  • after September 1st : no refund.

See accommodation page for details of payment for, and cancellation of, accommodation.

Summer School Fees

Student or unemployed, paid by July 14th: £250.
Student or unemployed, paid after July 14th: £300.
Non-student, paid by July 14th: £350.
Non-student, paid after July 14th: £400.

Returning delegates: Depending on Summer School finances (e.g. number of delegates attending), a discount (in the form of a partial refund) may be offered to those delegates that return from the two former Humour Summer Schools (i.e. 2001, 2002).

Emerging scholars: Winners of the ISHS "early scholar award" may participate in the summer school within 3 years of the award with no fee. However, they should return an "accommodation and payment" form to confirm their attendance and to pay for their accommodation.

Accommodation costs

See accommodation page for details of available accommodation and costs.

Stage 1: application

To request a place on the Summer School, send in the application form by one of the means listed below.

Stage 2: pay and confirm accommodation

To pay the fee for attending the Summer School and to pay for university accommodation, print off the registration form below and send it by post (along with a cheque if paying in that way) or fax (if paying by credit/debit card; note that only Visa and Mastercard are acceptable).

If you have any queries, contact the Summer School organisers by email.