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Humour Summer School 2012
12th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications



Current information about the options

We have prereserved rooms  from Summer Hotel Vuorilinna for  the delegates.  The other hotels in Savonlinna are already quite booked due to the Opera Festival; however, there might still be a chance to get rooms for single nights.  

Summer Hotel Vuorilinna  is hosted by SpaHotel Casino located  on the same island. The hotel isabout 1.8 km from the University Campus in Heikinpohja, along a bus route. The room types and prices in the following

Room type Double bedroom/person Single bedroom
Apartment: two rooms, shared kitchen*, WC and shower              52.50 €          105 €
Room with kitchenette*, WC and shower              64.00 €          128 €

* Dishes not included. 

The apartments are reserved for the period 1.7. - 8.7. and the other rooms 1.7. - 7.7. The room prices include hotel breakfast at SpaHotel Casino  and sauna + pool services from 2 pm to 8 pm.

Accomodation in private homes is possible for a few   delegates.  We are also looking for sponsor money  which could  be used for a few grants abling partly free accommodation in the summer hotel.

 Room reservation

In the case you want to stay in Summer Hotel Vuorilinna, you can make your room reservation from sales department of Spahotel Casino (contact information below).  When making your reservation, please, mention  International Summer School of Humour and Laughter/Pirjo Nuutinen.   

Contact information of Sales Department

Open Monday - Friday (weekdays) 8 am – 4 pm
+358 15 7395 430
+358 15 7395 431
fax +358 (0)15 272 524
via email: sales@spahotelcasino.fi






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